Treadmill repairs in Auckland

Welcome to Treadmill Repair in Auckland. Get the best value from your treadmill and fitness equipment. We repair & service treadmills & send treadmill parts around New Zealand. We also sell fitness equipment and have treadmills for sale. And we have guides about treadmill servicing and treadmill owners manuals to help maintain your own treadmill too.

Have your treadmill repaired by us. We’ve been repairing treadmills in Auckland for 13 years. But since Covid we like to work in a contactless situation and preferably where no-one is sick in your home.

We will continue to repair treadmills and service fitness equipment in Auckland from Pukekohe right up to Orewa.   

You can have your new fitness equipment assembled by us. We assemble treadmills, multi-gyms, cross-trainers or any new exercise equipment. We can provide a maintenance service for school gyms and apartment gyms. repair and maintain cross-trainers, rowers, exercycles, spin bikes & multi-gyms. Concept 2 rower servicing & repairs.

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Treadmill parts

We have a range of treadmill parts to keep your treadmill running smoothly. We sell high-quality treadmill lubricant to slow down the wear on your treadmills running belt and deck. I recommend liquid silicon as the best lubricant for most treadmills. You can find treadmill lubricant for sale in our online store.

We stock treadmill belts and treadmill decks. This is the treadmill belt that you run on. The treadmill deck is the solid piece under the treadmill belt. These two items wear together and like the tires on your car will wear out at some point. The treadmill belt and treadmill deck condition will create the majority of problems with not just with your treadmills mechanical parts, but more so the electronic components of your treadmill. You can find a home treadmill belts here and treadmill decks here. If you want a commercial treadmill belt you’ll find it here. We also supply treadmill motor drive belts , treadmill safety keys and treadmill owners manuals .

We also stock treadmill motors and treadmill motor control boards. But because there are so many makes and models of treadmills, we can only stock so much. And sadly many treadmills become obsolete within a very short time. So it’s important to buy a treadmill that you know will be supported for 5 to 10 years. We can also supply treadmill parts like treadmill speed sensors, bearings for your treadmills rollers, treadmill console parts,

Buying Fitness Equipment

When buying fitness equipment think about what you want to achieve. If your serious about your health and your weight loss buy a serious machine. I know how fitness equipment wears. Buying a higher quality machine is certainly better value for money. A good tip is check the weight of the fitness equipment. Heavier fitness equipment generally has better components and a quality steel frame. You’ll feel the difference and enjoy using it more. And you’ll reach your goals faster.

Buying a new treadmill

There’s lots of things to consider when buying a treadmill. New Zealand has a lot of different treadmills for sale. The prices range from $600 to over $15,000. There’s a difference in build quality for sure. So how do you choose which treadmill is suitable?

Treadmills for sale in New Zealand

As a guide I would stay away from new treadmills under $1000 and if you’re over 70kgs consider treadmills over $2000. If you’re over 90kgs you’ll need a way better treadmill.

The motor size is very important. As is the quality of the frame, the running belt and the deck. For a high quality treadmill you need to spend $4000 to $5000 on a home treadmill. If you’re over 120kgs and you want to spend over a hour a day or you have multiple users you need to consider a commercial treadmill. A commercial treadmill can cost over $15,000 but I have good commercial treadmill for sale for under $7,000.

Remember quality treadmills always weigh more so check the weight of the treadmill when you’re considering one.

Consider how longs the treadmill parts available? And what does the new treadmill warranty really mean? For example a 10 year motor warranty isn’t covering motor wear. It’s about manufacturing faults. Which of course will show up within in the first 6 to 12 months. So is it just marketing hype?

And if you’re wanting the high quality model and not the BIC model I have some great quality treadmills for sale. I only sell a small selection of treadmills with great warranties. So check out my new treadmills for sale. But if you’re concerned about price but don’t like to BIC model of buying then find out about our rebuilt treadmills for sale.

Guides to treadmill ownership, treadmill servicing and treadmill repair.

You can learn how to look after your new treadmill to lower the risk of premature wear and damage. If you’re new to treadmills you could read my article about owning a treadmill and if you’re about to buy a treadmill you could read my guide on buying a treadmill.

We’ll show you how to maintain your treadmill with my article on how to lubricate your treadmill belt and how to adjust my treadmill belt . We can show you what sort of wear and tear to expect with my article on treadmill common faults. There’s an article about frequently asked questions with  treadmill repair. And you can learn about replacement treadmill running belts.

It doesn’t matter if your treadmill is new or secondhand, it will need servicing at some point. If you have a new treadmill or if you’re about to buy a new treadmill, I recommend that you read through some of my articles.