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Get the best value from your treadmill and Fitness equipment.

We’ll show you how to maintain your treadmill and what sort of wear and tear to expect.

There’s articles about treadmill repair buying a treadmill ,  treadmill maintenance and fitness equipment servicing.

We’ll show you how to adjust a treadmill belt and how to lubricate your treadmill belt .

We’ve got treadmill lubricant for sale , treadmills for sale and a few articles about fitness equipment.

If your new to treadmills we’ll show you how to look after your treadmill in our beginners guide to owning a treadmill .

I specialise in treadmill repairs and fitness equipment maintenance . I refurbish second hand treadmills and have refurbished treadmills  for sale .

We  provide a complete maintenance service for school gyms and apartment gyms .

I provide a full mobile service in and around Auckland . I come to you whether its in your home or gym .

I sell quality treadmill lubricant and have a range of other treadmill parts including treadmill belts .

I repair and maintain cross-trainers , rowers , exercycles and multi-gyms .

I do concept 2 rower servicing and repairs, and spin bike servicing and repairs.

If you want your  new treadmill assembled , new multi-gym assembled , new cross-trainer assembled or any new exercise equipment assembled – we can sort it for you .

Buying Fitness equipment –

Things you might not think of when purchasing new fitness equipment .

I service fitness equipment and have been for about 8 years . In that time you see patterns in machines and the way they wear.

There’s a lot to know when buying fitness equipment but what I’ve found is … if you pay less in the beginning you may end up paying more in repair costs . Buy a higher quality machine which will almost always  be better value.

Quality is better value , it just costs more .

Buy a machine that’s suited to what you want to achieve . I get a lot of repair inquiries from people that are to big for their machines . It causes premature wear . Some machines are more stable than others .

You can feel it in the weight of the components . The steel is higher quality .

Buy a machine that’s suited to your body size . You’ll get a better experience  . It won’t get creaky in the frame over time as you use it . You’ll feel the difference , it will encourage you to use it everyday and you’ll reach your goals faster.

If you want to buy a treadmill consider this . Best to buy a treadmill with a durable running belt and deck . Some brands of treadmill have extended warranties on the treadmill running belts and decks . Most treadmill related problems stem from worn and badly maintained treadmill running belts and decks . These 2 items wear together so if you buy a treadmill with cheap components you won’t get good value unless you don’t use it.

There’s lots of things to consider when buying a treadmill . The motor size , the frame quality , the running belt and deck quality , how much extra stress from wear can the electronics cope with and the roller diameter  to name a few .

How long are the treadmill parts available for and what do the warranties really mean ?

If you’re light and just want to walk on a treadmill for 20 – 30 minutes a day then you can purchase a treadmill that’s a bit    cheaper.

If you want to train hard out  every day and you’re heavy , then you’ll need to spend more on your new fitness equipment .

Buy more than you need . You increase the chances of you machine lasting a lot longer .