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Commercial Fitness Machine For Sale: Free Delivery Auckland

If you’re wanting to tone up for the new year, I have something that may interested you.
I have a Precor AMT for sale. It’s a full commercial machine that moves through its motion from cross-trainer to stepper. Go from long strides backwards and forwards to up and down.
It’s self powered so you can have it running anywhere. I think it has over 20 levels of resistance and several programs to keep you challenged .
This machine will tone your upper body and your lower body.
It’s a very sturdy machine made from very heavy duty materials designed to be used for over 8 hours a day by 100 kg plus people.
This is no creaky $500 special, you will never experience frame flex on this machine. This machine has a very fluid motion with full stride and resistance.
It’s about 7 years old with heaps of life left in it. It sold new for about $13,000 but I’m selling it for $2,500 and I’ll put a 1 year warranty on it.

If you’re interested give me a call or txt on 021 10 10 9 10 or message me

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