How to Fix your Treadmill-FAQ

Fixing your treadmill

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. My treadmill belt starts for a few seconds and then stops and displays an error code?

This is probably a faulty speed sensor or the speed sensor is not plugged in properly. It is also possibly a faulty motor control board or lower board. The error codes will differ between makes and models but could be e1.

2.   My treadmill goes for a while, but stops abruptly when I’m on it?

The most likely cause of the problem is a worn treadmill belt and deck. Most of the time its caused by not lubricating between the treadmill belt and deck. This causes friction and the surfaces wear putting greater stress on the electronics. The treadmill is shutting down to protect the electronics. You should stop using the treadmill and have a technician check it.

3.   The treadmill belt has moved to one side and is rubbing. 

The treadmill running belt has stretched and has moved to one side. You can check out our video on How to Adjust Your Treadmill Belt. If you’re not keen to adjust this yourself it’s a good time to have a technician come to your place and service your treadmill. It costs $140 -$175 in Auckland. This service includes adjusting and lubricating your running belt, adjusting the motor drive belt, checking the wear on your deck and belt, checking and lubricating your incline system and cleaning your electronics and motor. 


4.                It feels like the treadmill belt is slipping.

This could be your running belt or your motor drive belt or a worn front roller pulley. If it is the belt, you can check out our video on How to Adjust Your Running Belt. If you’re not keen to adjust this yourself it’s a good time to have a technician service your treadmill. It costs $140-$175 in Auckland. If the front roller pulley is worn and it’s repairable it would cost approx $70 on top of the service.


5.    My treadmill is so noisy.

If it sounds like metal rotating on metal then it could be roller bearings or motor bearings. It’s best to have the treadmill work carried out by a technician in the workshop. Most of the time the bearings will have to be pressed out and the new ones pressed in. You could drop your treadmill to our workshop or we could pick it up.

6.                My exercycle or cross-trainer has no resistance.

This could be your tension motor or console. Sometimes it’s a bad connection with a plug or the mechanical mechanism needs a service. If your exercycle or cross-trainer adjusts its tension by turning a knob, the cable may have come out and simply needs putting back in. Or it may need adjusting. Some of the smaller cheaper exercycles or cross-trainers are cheaply built and badly designed so the tension mechanism may have broken or failed. Sometimes with these machines, it’s not worth fixing them and you may be better off buying a better-designed machine.

7.      My exercycle or cross-trainer console has no power

Electronics in consoles can fail at any point like a light bulb. We have spikes in the power supply to our homes which can wear out components over time. If there’s no power at your console you could check your power adapter for voltage, if there’s no power there then your power adapter is the problem. If there is then check the wiring from where your power adapter plugs into your machine to the console. Check for continuity and if that’s all ok it’s probably your console. Consoles can be replaced but can be expensive. Sometimes you can find these second-hand.

8.   My rower lost all tension and felt like something snapped.

Rowers have all sorts of systems for creating resistance and tension. They can have coil springs to bungee cords and can be complex.  There are lots of models and if they’re not supported it can be difficult to find the parts. These machines are best fixed at the workshop.

9.   My treadmill incline not working properly.

If your incline is not working it can be a few different things. There may not be any signal from the console which could be a damaged cable or the console itself has failed. The motor control board may have failed from a worn treadmill belt and deck or the motor may have burnt out. There’s also a potentiometer geared to the motor so the console knows what height the incline is at. These can fail or the gearing can slip, giving the console false information which can cause chassis damage. The incline system can be difficult to diagnose, so you may want to call us out to fix your treadmill.

          If you’re having trouble with your treadmill or exercise

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