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One of the most common problems with treadmills

Hi did you know that most home treadmills need lubricating between the running belt and deck?

Lubricating your treadmill belt will pro-long the life of your treadmill considerably .

The underside surface of your treadmills running belt slides against your treadmills running deck.That’s the solid surface under your belt that you run on. If it’s dry between your treadmills running belt and deck it creates more friction and heat and wears out these surfaces, creating more heat and friction.

The motor and electronics that drive your motor have to work a lot harder to over come the extra friction, which causes the motor and electronics to over heat and fail.

If you have to replace your treadmills motor, electronics, running belt and deck it becomes costly.     So if you’ve bought a cheap machine it may be a throw away.

So if you haven’t been lubricating your treadmills belt make it a priority before you use it again.

It’s easy to do and well worth the effort. If you’re buying a second hand treadmill see what sort of maintenance the previous owners has carried out and if they even know about lubricating between the belt and deck.


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