Treadmill belts for sale

There are heaps of replacement treadmill belts for sale here in Auckland with a great selection to suit most treadmills. We have treadmill belts suitable for home use and need to be lubricated every 2-3 months with liquid silicon. We also have pre-waxed commercial treadmill belts for sale.

It’s always a good thing when you replace your treadmill belt to check your treadmill deck at the same time. These parts wear against one another and the treadmill deck could be worn too. Sometimes if you’re fortunate you just need to replace the treadmill belt. You’ll need to consult with a treadmill specialist to be sure.

Another thing that should be looked at is the motor drive belt. There’s a chance that could be worn too. If it’s worn it will cause vibration and extra noise. There is no extra labour to replace a treadmill motor drive belt if you’re replacing the running belt.

Don’t forget to purchase some treadmill lubricant when you replace your home treadmill belt because you’ll need it to slow down the wear on your belt and you can save by combining shipping.

You know, treadmill belt wear causes all sorts of problems, mainly overloading the electronics. If left long enough the extra friction between the treadmill belt and deck will cause the motor to work harder. The treadmill motor will have to draw extra power from the motor control board, causing that inturn to work harder, stressing out both components and eventually making your treadmill unusable.

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