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The Sole F65 is an exceptional home treadmill with an extensive warranty. With it’s solid frame construction and large running surface the F65 feels planted and unhindered. The running surface is cushioned to lower the impact protecting your joints and it folds up for convenient storage. The Sole F65 has a large motor for longevity and smooth dependable power. It has a comprehensive display with an ease of operation and a feel of quality. There’s several reasons why this is our best selling home treadmill, but great value is the main one. Value is quality at a good price. And the value doesn’t stop at the point of delivery. It’s also measured by it’s serviceable lifespan and the availability of parts. That’s why I sell this model because I know I can rely on great support here in New Zealand. I also will include the delivery and assembly in the price within Auckland. Conditions do apply.

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Is the Sole F65 suitable for me?

Your weight and usage are the most important factors when choosing a treadmill. I recommend this treadmill to most home users that weigh up to 115 kg .  I know this treadmill can take more weight, in fact it’s advertised elsewhere to take up to 160kgs! In my opinion these higher weight ratings are merely a marketing tool which unfortunately confuses the consumer. Of course the key to getting good value for money is buying a treadmill that’s not working to its full potential. The running surface is the same length as the Spirit CT800 commercial treadmill, it’s over 1.5 metres long and the running belt is 560mm wide. So you’ll always feel free to run with no restrictions. Another important factor is how many hours you intend to use it. I wouldn’t recommend using it for more than an hour a day but your weight will affect that time. If you’re well under the maximum weight recommendation you could get away with more hours. The biggest limiting factor with home treadmills is the belt and deck wear. They wear a lot quicker than a commercial treadmill belt which in turn will compromise your motor and electronics.

Great treadmill warranty

The Sole F65 has a lifetime frame warranty. All the electronics have a 3-year warranty, this includes the treadmill motor. This warranty is for manufacturing faults. The treadmill running deck also has a 3-year warranty and is subject to lubricating between the treadmill running belt and deck. The Sole F65 is a great machine built to last but you have to do your part and maintain it, especially keeping ahead of the belt and deck wear. The Sole F65 treadmill has a 1-year labour warranty.

Will the Sole F65 fit in my house?

This is a big solid treadmill that may not suit your living space. The Sole F65 is 2080mm long and 940mm wide and 1680mm high. It folds up for storage when your not using it with a footprint of 940mm x 1000mm. It has gas assisted struts to help you lower and raise the treadmill.  If we are pre-assembling and delivering within Auckland please consider the access to your home. Rolling one into your garage is the best but if you want it in your home you’ll need a minimum of 950mm wide or french doors/ranchslider . Our free assembly and delivery in Auckland does have restrictions so please make sure you scroll down to read.

The Sole F65 console or display

It comes with an adjustable iPad/phone holder with a USB connection for your entertainment. It has a high quality console with a 7.5-inch backlit display. You can track your workouts with the Sole phone App. There’s plenty of programs to choose from including 2 heart rate programs or simply hit the start button in manual mode. The Sole F65 comes standard with a chest strap to accurately monitor your heart rate via Bluetooth. It also has built in speakers if you want to connect your phone and listen to your play list.

The Frame

The frame is built with decent steel. With its strong and durable design, precision welding and powder coating, it feels stable and will remain sturdy & solid for years. Sole offers a lifetime warranty against cracks and broken welds. I’m confident in it’s frame construction and if you’ve experienced the horrors of a flexing frame that won’t stop creaking the Sole F65 will be refreshing for you.


The Sole F65 has a great suspension system that cushions your joints and protects your body from jarring up to 40%. This helps your body stay in top shape and reduces the risk of injury immensely. I wouldn’t say this is the softest run, I would say it’s a medium run and way softer that running on the road.

Why should you buy from me?

I understand the products that I sell because I’ve been servicing treadmills and fitness equipment since 2008. I’ve learnt what wears out and how your size and goals affect the value you get from your treadmill. If you’re in Auckland, I will assemble and deliver your new treadmill. I’ll show you how to use it and show you how to get the best from it. I will recycle all the packaging so you don’t have to and I’ll remove your old treadmill. If you live outside of Auckland I can ship to most places but you will need to assemble it yourself.  And lastly I’ve been dealing with the importer for over ten years now, they’re a great Kiwi company full of people that are interested. That relationship started with ordering parts to fix their brand of treadmills. I could walk in and get a part over the counter for a 10 year old treadmill. It’s not always the case but often enough. So technical support and parts backup have always been great.

Conditions for free delivery / assembly in Auckland

I’ve priced the Sole F65 treadmill with free delivery and assembly in Auckland. The conditions of the free delivery/assembly in Auckland are:  It’s pre-assembled in our workshop and one person can roll it in. Either into your garage or roll in though a minimum of 950mm wide doorway, like french doors, a ranch slider or bi fold doors etc. This deal doesn’t include dis-assembling the treadmill to get it into your home or carrying it up stairs or carrying it around your garden. The free delivery/assembly deal only includes delivery to Manukau or north as far as Orewa. We can deliver/assembled as far as Pukekohe or Warkworth but it will cost an extra $100. We can work with most situations in regards to getting your treadmill setup in Auckland but the price may vary.

Delivery outside of Auckland

If you live outside of Auckland I can’t assemble it and deliver it personally. But I can have it freighted to you by a third party costing approximately $250. The cost will vary but it’s in that ball park. We can have it  freighted to about 75% of New Zealand depending on your location. Some difficult places may cost more with delivery. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss ordering outside of Auckland.




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