StarTrac e-trx motor drive belt


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Star Trac e-trx motor drive belt:

StarTrac E-TRX motor drive belt. The treadmill motor drive belt is a PJ belt that connects your motor to your front roller. And this is what turns your treadmill running belt that you walk and run on. There’s a lot of treadmill running belts & treadmill motor dive belts for sale here in our Auckland warehouse.

We have several pre-waxed commercial belts & motor dive belts in stock for various commercial treadmills. You just need to select your model & we’ll get it sent straight to you.

Our belts are here ready to be sent so no waiting from overseas websites or suppliers. And since we’re a locally owned kiwi business, we stock belts for treadmills that kiwis buy & use.

Treadmill Belt Sizes:

We have most sizes of treadmill running belts, so if you don’t see a listing for your treadmill, it doesn’t mean we haven’t got the right size. We can advise if a similar size would work, and because treadmill belts are adjustable, It means you can easily fit a smaller or larger belt, if we have one that will work. 

In some cases, you may have to measure your treadmill belt yourself, but it’s not that hard. You will need to measure the width, length, and circumference of the belt, not just the top. Feel free to email us if you need any assistance or have any queries about your belt.

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You can find all our contact information on the contact tab here!

Extra information:

Treadmill belts take a lot of wear and tear and may require changing more than once in its life. This is a pre-waxed commercial belt that doesn’t require as much maintenance. We recommend you flip your existing deck if it has wax on the underside or replacing the deck with a new one. This will help your new belt last longer and there will be less strain on the motor and electronics.

When changing your belt over, check out our blog for step by step instructions.

For more information on treadmill belts see our page on our website here!

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