Treadmill speed sensor


This is a treadmill speed sensor that will fit many different models of treadmill.

This speed sensor has a 2 pin white plug and is cylinder in shape.


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Check you have the correct 2 pin white plug that plugs into your motor control board.

This speed sensor is attached to the treadmill frame next to the front roller.

If your treadmill belt starts moving when you push start but stops after 5 to 10 seconds

then your treadmill speed sensor most likely needs replacing.

This is generally how long a treadmill will run before they stop but could be up to a minute on some models of treadmill.

Then you will likely get an E1 error or a LS error. But there’s also a chance you could have a faulty motor.

You will need a technician to look at your treadmill if it’s a motor because you’ll need special equipment to diagnose.

If you get an E1 or LS error but the belt doesn’t move then it’s

likely your motor control board will need replacing and most likely your belt and deck are worn and has caused the problem.



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