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All About Treadmill Repair & Maintenance

All About Treadmill Repair & Maintenance

Many people purchase treadmills in hopes of someday achieving their physical goals, but the machines quit working before they do. There are many problems treadmill owners may encounter with their machines, especially if they are avid exercisers. After a few months of hard running, they may need treadmill repair services for their machines

Treadmills are assembled from many parts, including electrical components, belts, and pulleys. Most owners do not want to repair their own machines; the task is just too complex, or they just don’t have the time. They prefer to hire a service provider to perform the treadmill repairs needed. In most cases, the owners return the machine to the retailer from which it was purchased or to the manufacturer. However, there are companies that specialize in repairing treadmills, and most can provide expert services for a lower price than the retailer or manufacturer.

Why would someone need treadmill repair services?

Many treadmill owners find after purchasing their treadmill that they use it less than they had planned. The treadmill sits in a corner of their home, gathering dust. Unfortunately, the treadmill’s inner mechanisms require lubrication to work properly and sitting unused for long periods of time can cause those oils to dry out. Once the treadmill is finally used again, the lubrication fails and the machine breaks down. Invariably, the owner is puzzled and frustrated that their treadmill would malfunction when it was used so rarely.

Other owners use their machines regularly and encounter different problems. The most common problems occur from wear and tear on the treadmill’s belts and pulleys. These are fairly inexpensive to replace, but average consumers don’t have the knowledge to complete the treadmill repairs on their own. Other parts are more costly and complicated to fix. Whether the task is simple or complicated, some treadmill owners just do not have the mechanical aptitude needed to perform the routine maintenance required to keep the machine in top working order. For these owners, a treadmill service provider would be helpful for performing their treadmill repairs.

How many treadmill parts could possibly need repair?

Treadmills have dozens of different parts, and each one can break down at a moment’s notice. The parts vary slightly depending on the model of treadmill and its capabilities, but generally include the following:

Treadmill belts – the belt on which the user walks
Treadmill decks – the hard surface under the treadmill belt
Drive motors – the motor that controls the treadmill belt’s movement. This part is very expensive but rarely requires treadmill repair.
Motor drive belts – it transfers power from the motor to the treadmill
Incline motors – powers the machine’s incline functionality
Rollers – the wheels on the bottom of the machine
Motor control boards – electronic board that controls the treadmill motor
Electrical parts – various boards and chips for use on control boards and panels
Consoles – that part of the machine with which the user interfaces
Wiring – the wires and connectors from the console and control boards to other parts
End caps – a protective cover placed over the end of the treadmill
Power boards – circuit board that directs electricity throughout the treadmill

The failure of any one of these parts could render a treadmill useless. In fact, many treadmills that have been sold are sitting unused in someone’s home today because a small part broke. Those owners would probably be surprised at the inexpensive cost a repair service would charge to fix their broken machines.

Where can a treadmill owner have their treadmill repaired?

Depending on the age of the treadmill, it may be still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and can be returned to the factory or retailer from which it was purchased for repair. The owner may have to phone the manufacturer or retailer to learn of the nearest authorized facility. If the warranty period has expired, there are many third party treadmill repair services available.

One of the most reputable service centers is Treadmill Doctor. The experts at Treadmill Doctor are certified to repair all major treadmill brands and will provide an accurate quote to the owner before beginning any work. The company has a complete parts inventory and can ship the repaired treadmill anywhere in the US. Treadmill Doctor offers competitive pricing and can perform treadmill repair services at the customer’s location or at the company’s facility. Their website also offers helpful information on the regular maintenance of treadmills.

Many problems can arise in the life a treadmill, so that means owners should read the owner’s manual and perform the routine maintenance required to get the most use from their machines. Still, treadmills do wear out, so the owner should also keep the name of a service provider at hand for their treadmill repair needs.