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Treadmill Troubleshooting

Treadmill Troubleshooting

The treadmill is a wonderful invention that is built specifically for keeping us in shape and healthy by increasing our metabolism and to burn calories. It assists stroke victims that have been unable to walk and helps with cardiovascular monitoring. What more can we ask for from a machine. However, because it is a machine it has the entire break-down abilities of any machine. Yes, our friend the treadmill, can breakdown. When the treadmill does break down then there are a few things we must do. First, find your papers from the treadmill and check out the warranty period and what parts are on warranty. Then carefully determine what is wrong with the treadmill. Is it making strange sounds or did it just stop working?

You may want to talk to the dealer from whom you bought the treadmill as many of the manufacturers authorize the dealers to make repairs. Such dealers will have parts available to make the necessary repairs. If the dealer does not make repairs, than you will have to look for an independent repair person that makes repairs to your type of treadmill. Again, you may check with the manufacturers as they may have a list of repair people that are responsible and trustworthy to do the job.

It is always the best idea to follow the instructions for proper use of your treadmill that is found in the manual that came with your treadmill, assuming you bought it new. If you bought it used, get in touch with the manufacturer to get a replacement manual. To get a replacement manual have the serial number and style number handy, as the customer service person will need this to send you the manual. Most trouble with the treadmill will occur with the motor, the control panel, or the deck and belt area. When you have consulted the manual and did everything it told you to do when troubleshooting and still no response, your treadmill will require expert troubleshooting care. If you are not technologically or electrically savvy do not attempt fixing the treadmill yourself as you may injure yourself or do more damage to the treadmill or both.


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