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Replacement Treadmill belts.

Welcome, we have a wide variety of replacement treadmill belts here in Auckland, New Zealand.

I can supply and fit your treadmill belt and deck if needed (Auckland). Or we can just send you a replacement treadmill belt to fit yourself. Just scroll down the page and see if we have a link to your model treadmill.  We sell treadmill belts directly from our online store and this page covers the process.

Treadmill belts for sale.

We import quality running belts and motor drive belts. And because we sell our treadmill belts direct to you,  we can keep our prices down. I can supply and fit pre-waxed commercial belts and belts for domestic or home-use treadmills.

We used to get our belts made to order but the prices were higher and it would take a lot longer. And then the average treadmill belt price was too high and I decided to import my own belts. We have home use treadmill belts for $189 and we have commercial pre-waxed treadmill belts for $499.

We hold our stock in Auckland so we can have a belt sent to your door within 3-10 working days. So if you want to know if we have your belt or more information about the replacement process, just scroll down and read on. Or if you’d like to know more about our services, call us on  +64-9-836-0910

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We understand that a faulty treadmill can bring your fitness routine to a screeching halt, which is why we’re here to help you get back on track. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you have access to only the finest components, enabling you to revive your treadmill’s performance with ease.

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Our cutting-edge innovative solutions redefine the way you maintain and repair your equipment. Harnessing the power of advanced technology, we offer unmatched performance, efficiency, and convenience. Say goodbye to traditional servicing and embrace the future of unparalleled excellence.

How to identify your Treadmill

It’s very important that you know the make and model of your treadmill because there are hundreds of different size belts. Most treadmills have an identification sticker or plate at the front of your treadmills base, by where it plugs in. Sometimes the make and model will be on the side of the base of the machine, or on the uprights that support your console, your screen. And sometimes it’s on the motor cover or the console itself. If you we can’t identify your treadmill or we don’t know the belt size you can purchase an unlisted treadmill belt but you’ll have to measure it. Being accurate is very important.

Treadmill belt measurement

We have most treadmill belts available but we don’t always have the belt measurement for your machine. So we need you to measure your belt so we can send one straight out. We need you to get it right so we came up with a good guide to measuring your treadmill belt.

Its ok to measure the belt on the treadmill but its being stretched by the treadmill rollers. So by asking all these questions we’ll know the exact size range of belts that will fit your treadmill, that we can send to you. 

measuring between your belt & deck

How to measure your Treadmill belt.

The best way to measure your treadmill belt is to firstly unplug it from the wall & then mark the front of your belt by the motor cover (console end) & mark by the back of your treadmill belt. I use a white correction pen but you can use a black marker because it will still be visible for a few minutes. Ok now measure between the two marks. Secondly rotate the treadmill belt by hand until the mark at the front of the belt is at the back of the belt. Next, you mark at the front again and measure in-between. Now just rotate the front mark towards the rear of the treadmill until you see the first mark you made and measure in-between that. Ok now just add those 3 measurement together and you will have the circumference of the belt. Then just measure the width. 

Important Note:  Scroll down to measure belt stretch.

How stretched is your old Treadmill belt? 

If you look at the pic above centre you’ll see the begining of the ruler is tight against the back of the treadmill deck. And if you look middle left of that pic you’ll see the front edge of the rear roller. The gab between the deck and roller is about 18mm. You’ll need to know that measurement.  And if you look at the above left pic you’ll see the where the ruler starts and number 6 on the ruler. That’s the relivent measurement in this case, 60mm. The roller axle can move forward about 26mm. But if you look left of the adjustment bolt you’ll see a notch in the frame so that’s the forward limit. So minus 7mm. Your rear roller can move forward 19mm. You’d take the smallest figure which is the gap between the deck and roller 18mm. Round it down to 15mm & thats how much you can take off the belt circumfrence . And then double it and that’s how much you take off, 30mm. Why do you double it do you ask, the answer is in pic top right.

Treadmill belt lubrication

Please note all our home treadmill belts need to be lubricated every 2-3 months depending on usage. And remember that if you haven’t used your treadmill in a while, you may need to lubricate your treadmill belt as the treadmill lubricant will evaporate over time. Our pre-waxed commercial belts don’t need to be lubricated as long as you replace the treadmill deck at the same time as replacing the belt. You can lubricate with liquid wax from time to time.

Check out my how to lubricate your treadmill belt guide or you could watch my video on how to lubricate your  treadmill belt

Where are our Treadmill belts sent from?

We import all our belts and we store them on the North Shore & in West Auckland. Then is no pick up option so all our treadmill belts are couriered by Aramex formerly Fast ways couriers. We can have them delivered in New Zealand between 3 and 5 working days. Sorry Rural NZ is longer. The price for a belt to be delivered is $19.95 New Zealand wide or $24.95 for rural NZ delivery.

How do you clean your Treadmill belt?

Keeping your treadmill clean is important. And keeping your belt clean also is important. You can use a cloth and water to clean it. Only a damp cloth though, you don’t want your electronics getting wet or your frame and other metal parts getting corroded or oxidated. Also, you can use our new treadmill clean. It’s gentle enough to clean the belt and plastics(no harsh chemical cleaners on these). And hard-working enough to clean the sweat off the frame etc and metal parts. If you’re really concerned you can spray some silicone in a rag and wipe the plastics and metal parts, but not where you walk as it would be dangerous and slippery.

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About us

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