Treadmill Common Faults

Common Faults with Treadmills

At treadmill repair Auckland we repair all treadmills common faults and error codes.

Treadmill belt & deck replacement

Treadmills wear from use that’s why they need to be serviced. The treadmill belt and deck are like the tyres on your car, they wear out. Lubricating under your treadmill belt will certainly slow the wear down, but eventually, the wear will put too much stress on your treadmills electronics and cause an overload resulting in an E1 treadmill error on your screen.This is one of the most common treadmill faults we see it all the time. I think this would cause 70% to 80 % of the treadmill electronic faults.

That’s why you need your treadmill serviced about once a year, on top of lubricating your treadmill belt. When we service your treadmill we check the wear on your treadmill belt. We can’t stop your treadmill belt and deck from wearing out but we can help prevent your mcb or motor burning out. If you can smell an electrical burning smell or your treadmill is labouring with every step you take, your treadmill belt and deck will most probably need replacing. If your treadmill stops abruptly when you’re on it, don’t restart it as you could do more damage. Half the time the top side of your treadmill belt can look in good condition, that’s why it’s risky buying a secondhand treadmill because unless you can measure what your treadmill motor is doing, you can’t tell what condition your treadmill belt and deck are in. Sometimes your treadmill belt can come apart at the seam, if it’s at this point in its life it will need replacing, as will the deck. The treadmill belt and deck wear together and 9 times out of 10 the deck will need replacing too.

Sometimes you can break the treadmill deck. You can tell if the treadmill deck is broken because it feels like your running on sand and your feet angle inwards. If you brake your treadmill deck stop using your treadmill as it dangerous, it could lead to injury and more damage to your treadmill. Treadmill decks can break from wear or maybe your to heavy for the treadmill. Treadmill decks also brake from being used without lubrication, they get too hot and weaken. We can replace your belt and deck with parts over the counter or we have them custom made. Our custom decks are reversible and our treadmill belts are high quality for increased life and low friction.

We recommend you replace your belt and deck together and our belt/deck combo’s come with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Give us a call on +64-9-836-0910 we repair and maintain treadmills all over Auckland.

Treadmill Service

It’s a good idea to have your treadmill serviced about once a year. The advantages of having your treadmill serviced yearly are we can keep an eye on the wear of your treadmill. We come to your home anywhere between Pukekohe and Orewa, over to Helensville, across to Beachlands and everywhere in between.

At Treadmill Repair, we’ll check your treadmills motor condition and the condition of your deck/belt. We’ll check that your treadmills incline motor is working properly and lubricate it. We tension and lubricate your running belt and deck. We check your motor drive belt for wear and tension. We’ll check your console is functioning correctly and that the frame is secure and your treadmill is safe to use. We’ll show you how to look after you treadmill and help you get the most out of your investment. Give us a ring or e-mail and we’ll set up a time with you to service your treadmill.

Treadmill assessment

Having a secondhand treadmill checked for wear and faults is essential to avoid buying a treadmill which needs costly repairs.

We started providing this service because we had so many people ringing with expensive repairs needed, and they’d just bought the treadmill within weeks. Be careful when buying a secondhand treadmill as the most common treadmill faults is a worn belt and deck. A high percentage of secondhand treadmills haven’t been looked after as most people don’t know that treadmills need servicing. We cover all of Auckland and we’re happy to help.

 Treadmill Assembly

Its a great feeling buying a new treadmill. Your new treadmill gets delivered and then you have to assemble it. Sometimes its a daunting task assembling your new treadmill. Some people will assemble their new treadmill with ease. If your not one of them assembling your new treadmill is stressful. You need to follow the instructions carefully as getting bolts mixed up can cause problems. You can cross-tread bolts, crush or cut the communication cables. Which can result in electronic problems not covered by factory warranties. These are common treadmill faults or problems.

Here at Treadmill Repair, we’ve lost count of how many new treadmills we’ve assembled. We’re happy to help you return the excitement back to your new purchase. We’ll come to your house anywhere in Auckland and assemble your new treadmill. We know the tricks and can show you how to look after your new treadmill.

So put your feet up and give us a call on +64-9-836-0910 and we’ll assemble your new treadmill. Call us when you’ve ordered your new treadmill giving us a few days to book you in. We’ll be there shortly after you take delivery of your treadmill.

If you want your secondhand treadmill assembled we’ll do that too. If you’ve moved house or city we’ll assemble and service your secondhand treadmill at the same time.

Treadmill motor replacement

Treadmill motors can fail with wear or poor maintenance. Bearings in the treadmill motor can become noisy, the motor itself can overheat from poor treadmill maintenance. High-stress loads from worn treadmill belts and decks or from misuse of the treadmill can cause a treadmill motor to fail. If your treadmill smells hot or your treadmill motor is labouring, your motor or running belt and deck could need replacing.

We’re happy to help and we repair treadmills all over Auckland so give us a call on +64-9-836-0910 to set up an appointment.

Treadmill roller bearing replacement

Treadmills have 2 rollers, one at each end of the treadmill running belt. The smaller the diameter of the rollers the higher the speed and revolutions they will turn per set speed. Each roller has 2 bearing in it to keep them turning smoothly. When these bearings wear they make a lot of noise. Often they need to be pressed out to be replaced. There’s is other problems associated with treadmill rollers and we have the experience to fix all of them . Give us a call on +64-9-836-0910 to make a booking, we repair treadmills all over Auckland.

Treadmill motor control board replacement

Treadmill mcb or treadmill motor control boards fail from age or stress. Sometimes a power cut or surge can damage your mcb. However, the most common cause of failure of the treadmill mcb is a worn belt and deck. The added friction from the worn running belt and deck overload the mcb and or motor. Sometimes we can fix the mcb’s or we can replace it with a new one. Normally with an mcb failure, the treadmill with stop abruptly and come up with an E1 error. If your treadmill stops or comes up with an E1 error switch your treadmill off at the wall and give us a call. We repair treadmills all over Auckland.

Treadmill console replacement

Treadmill consoles fail from power cuts, power surges and age.

The buttons on your treadmill console can wear out and stop functioning properly. If your treadmill console buttons don’t beep when you press them and they used to, your console could have a problem. If the display is not showing digits properly or you have an E4, E2, E6 error code your console could be the fault.

Give us a call on +64-9-836-0910 and make a booking with us. We repair treadmills all over Auckland and we’re happy to help.

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